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Mediating Clinical Claims

Author: Tony Allen

Edition: First

Publication Date: 2018

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Mediating Clinical Claims

Mediating Clinical Claims

Mediating Clinical Claims is a timely and detailed look at the growing practice of mediating clinical negligence claims in England, written by one of the UK's most experienced mediators of clinical claims. The book is aimed at all those with an interest in understanding why and how mediation is such an effective process in resolving such claims – claimants, healthcare professional and managers, lawyers, judges, policy-makers and mediators.

It reviews research on what claimants and clinicians really want from healthcare complaints and claims. It offers help on how best to prepare for and conduct such mediations, giving numerous anonymised examples based on real mediations.

This new title looks at:

- How mediation of clinical claims has developed

- How mediation differs from other processes

- Practical guidance for all participants

- The legal framework in which such mediation operates

- The law and practice of clinical claims

- Process design and the special problems of multi-party claims

- Future developments.

Mediating Clinical Claims provides mediators, claimants, healthcare professionals and their legal representatives with all the guidance they need to ensure that a successful and fair outcome is achieved for all those involved in such mediations.