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Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law

Author: Christopher Johnston QC

ISBN: 9781780439174

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Edition: 3rd

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law

Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law

Medical Treatment Decisions and the Law covers an increasingly important area of law, seeking to place medical decision-making in its context and to provide practical guidance to the solution of many problems likely to be encountered in practice.

It concentrates on the decisions involved in obtaining authority for the provision, the withholding and withdrawal of physical medical treatment and care and the legal requirements and consequences of the decision-making process.

The third edition is fully updated to include:

  • Cases on deprivation and restraint of liberty since the second edition
  • The March 2014 Supreme Court case of Cheshire West and P&Q, Article 5 ECHR
  • The Supreme Court case in Aintree v James
  • PC v City of York in which MacFarlane LJ emphasised the “decision specific” approach of the Mental Capacity Act
  • Important cases on the assessment and treatment of anorexic patients
  • The position where treatment has been refused by the patient (including force feeding and gynaecological treatment)

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