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New York Convention: Article-by-Article Commentary

Dr. Reinmar Wolff

ISBN: 9781509923854

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Edition: 2nd

Publication Date: 2019

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

New York Convention: Article-by-Article Commentary

New York Convention: Article-by-Article Commentary

The New York Convention is the most successful (and most important) treaty in the field of international trade law. This commentary provides a comprehensive in-depth discussion of the Convention's sixteen articles while outlining and contributing the expert opinions of the authors to the contemporary global discourse surrounding each. The first edition has not only become a respected point of reference for legal professionals and academics, but has also been drawn upon by courts around the world. The second edition brings the treatise up to date and reflects the most recent developments. Its target group includes lawyers, in-house counsel, judges, and academics.

About the author

Reinmar Wolff is Assistant Professor at the University of Marburg and a practising lawyer as well as an experienced arbitrator.