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1KBW on Trusts in Matrimonial Finance Proceedings

Authors: Richard Harrison, Harry Oliver, Laura Moys, Charlotte Hartley, Thomas Dance, and Max Turnell

ISBN: 9781526508058

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Edition: First

Publication Date: 2019

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

1KBW on Trusts in Matrimonial Finance Proceedings

1KBW on Trusts in Matrimonial Finance Proceedings

Are you working with trust assets and interests in the context of matrimonial and family finance disputes?

A comprehensive guide to issues frequently arising in English matrimonial finance cases, where one or both spouses has an interest in, or access to, trust assets.

Key topics covered include:


Service and joinder

Nuptial settlements

Trusts as resources


Chapters summarise the key principles of English family finance and trust principles through diagrams, flowcharts and tables, alongside clear narrative, to ensure the more technical information is intelligible yet authoritative.

An indispensable tool kit for English practitioners and judges working in the field of family finance, as well as those practising in other jurisdictions looking for an accessible guide to the English matrimonial arena. It also contains vital information for trust and corporate lawyers encountering matrimonial disputes when trustees are joined or otherwise intervene in family cases.

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