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1KBW on Trusts in Matrimonial Finance Proceedings

Richard Harrison , Harry Oliver , Laura Moys , Charlotte Hartley , Thomas Dance , and Max Turnell
Bloomsbury Professional
First edition
Publication Date:
Materials Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 : Part I Divorce, nullity and other matrimonial suits 1 Divorce on breakdown of marriage. 2 Supplemental provisions as to facts raising presumption of breakdown. [3 Bar on petitions for divorce within one year of marriage. 4 Divorce not precluded by previous judicial separation. 5 Refusal of decree in five year separation cases on grounds of grave hardship to respondent. 6 Attempts at reconciliation of parties to marriage. 7 Consideration by the court of certain agreements or arrangements. 8 Intervention of Queen’s Proctor. 9 Proceedings after decree nisi: general powers of court. 10 Proceedings after decree nisi: special protection for respondent in separation cases. [10A Proceedings after decree nisi: religious marriage ...

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