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Parker’s Will Precedents

Authors: Richard Dew and Leon Pickering

ISBN: 9781784518820

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Edition: 9th

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 April 2017

Parker’s Will Precedents

Parker’s Will Precedents

Parker's Will Precedents provides private client solicitors and professional will draftsmen with a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the will drafting process and, as a result, the ability to draft better wills.

It provides:

- A comprehensive collection of precedents aimed at anyone who needs to draft wills

- A variety of precedents for individual clauses as well as a set of complete wills catering for different scenarios

- An emphasis on clarity, practicality and simplicity, so you can quickly draft legally sound wills for a variety of circumstances

- Notes and guidance on drafting and additional materials, including letters, support materials and extracts from relevant legislation

The ninth edition includes coverage of the Residential Nil Rate Band (changing from April 2017) as well as new chapter on flexible life interest trusts and EC Succession Regulation.

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