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Partnership Law

Authors: Mark Blackett-Ord and Sarah Haren

ISBN: 9781526508423

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Edition: Sixth

Publication Date: 28 May 2020

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 31 March 2020

Partnership Law

Partnership Law

Partnership Law, Sixth Edition, provides clarity on the formation, operation and dissolution of Partnerships, LPs and LLPs and answers the questions that can arise in disputes between partners, ex-partners and outsiders.

This new edition includes coverage of:

  • The introduction of the Private Fund Limited Partnership (PFLP) in 2017 - the biggest change to Partnership Law in recent years
  • The application of discrimination law in the context of partnerships/LLPs
  • The interpretation of partnership agreements, what amount to partnership assets and how they should be valued, in the context of the retirement or buy-out of a former partner
  • The role, if any, of the doctrine of repudiation in the context of partnerships and LLPs
  • What nature of ‘business’ may constitute a partnership
  • The impact of changes made to the insolvency regime (including the Insolvency Rules 2016) on insolvency of partnerships and LLPs

It also includes over 5,000 cases dating from the 17th Century to 2020.

This book is essential reading for partnership, insolvency, and company/commercial law practitioners, venture capitalists, and accountants.