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Property, Trusts and Succession

Authors: George L Gretton and Andrew J M Steven

ISBN: 9781526518743

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Edition: Fourth

Publication Date: August 2021

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Property, Trusts and Succession

Property, Trusts and Succession

Property, Trusts and Succession, Fourth Edition provides full coverage of the property, trusts and succession parts of the LLB syllabus in Scotland in one convenient volume.

The relevant rules of statute and common law are surveyed and frequent examples used, making this a highly practical and accessible text.

The Fourth Edition of this popular text takes account of significant recent developments, including the draft Moveable Transactions (Scotland) Bill and the ongoing land reform agenda. There is a new section on succession to digital assets.

The key contents also includes:

  • Personal and real rights, and types of property
  • Ownership and how it is transferred
  • Prescription
  • Land registration
  • Possession
  • Subordinate real rights, including servitudes, real burdens, leases and securities
  • Proper and improper liferents
  • Trusts: constitution, administration and termination
  • Testate succession
  • Intestate succession
  • Execution of documents
  • Human rights
  • Appendix on the feudal system

Whilst aimed primarily at undergraduates, this important title is also a useful source of reference for practitioners seeking a modern introduction to this area of law.

George L Gretton is Lord President Reid Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh and a former Scottish Law Commissioner.

Andrew J M Steven is Professor of Property Law at the University of Edinburgh and a former Scottish Law Commissioner.

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