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4. Levels of rent

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July 2022
Division B Housing Chapter 3: Renting Background The Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 Coronavirus Coronavirus In relation to private residential tenancies breach of tenancy (though subject to the ‘reasonableness’ test) and a tenant not occupying the let property remain mandatory grounds for recovery but, otherwise, such grounds have been made discretionary under which ‘the Tribunal may find that the ground applies’ and, in practice, it must be expected that full regard will be given to the coronavirus situation; specifically, so far as rent arrears are concerned, where a tenant is in arrears for at least three consecutive months and the Tribunal is satisfied that it is reasonable to do so, then the Tribunal only may grant the order for eviction. Under coronavirus legislation, however, notice periods have been changed under which the 28-day notice period only applies where a tenant is not occupying the let property as their home, a new three-month notice period is applicable where a landlord or a family member ...

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