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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
A Abandonment of tenancies, B 485 Abbeyfield societies address, K 1 functions, B 115 Abortions adults with incapacity, E 344 Abduction of children, A 1232 Abuse adults with incapacity, C 502 cohabitants, A 978 old people, C 501 investigation, C 533 sexual abuse, C 542–545 Access to Funds Scheme See intromission with funds Access to health records Data Protection Act, E 531 accuracy, E 533 patients’ rights, E 532 restrictions, E 534 deceased patients, E 523 BMA guidance, E 525 conflicts of interest, E 526 exemptions, E 524 informal basis, E 529 legislation, E 521 medical reports, E 522 restrictions, E 534 Accommodation disposal and purchase adults with incapacity, I 504 intervention orders, I 503 homeless failed asylum seekers , B 639.1, 639.2 intentional homelessness, B 639 primary statutory duty, B 640 standard of accommodation, B 641 permanent accommodation, B 853 supported accommodation, housing benefit, B 1013 temporary accommodation, B ...

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