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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
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July 2022
L Land. See heritable property Land obligations. See burdens Land purchase, B 205–206 Land Registration , B 224.1 Lands Tribunal right-to-buy enforcement of landlord’s offer to sell, B 534–535 exclusions from, B 521 general conditions, B 541 schemes, B 511–512 ‘tenant’s choice’ to transfer tenancy, B 561 title conditions, B 240 variation of obligations, B 241–242 Law Society of Scotland. See also solicitors address, K 6 Guidance on Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney, B 703, 704 Incidental Financial Business Regime, I 13 regulation of financial business, I 12 Lead commissioning, D 138 Lead plumbing, B 294 Leases assured tenancies, B 433 family homes, H 222 Scottish secure tenancies, B 502 Legacies abatement, J 385, 554 accretion, J 402 accumulation trusts, J 342–344 ademption, J 384 beneficiaries destinations-over, J 394–395 identification, J 393 predeceasing legatees, J 403–404 unborn children, J 415–421 classes, J 383 compared to mortis causa gifts, J ...

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