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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
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July 2022
M Mackintosh Report, J 105 Managers burdens , B 233.1, 233.2 , 243 financial management of resident adults, D 412 Marriage. See also cohabitation; spouses civil marriages, A 911 defined, A 902 effect on wills, J 421 finance aliment, A 955 benefits, A 962 pre-nuptial agreements, A 963 separation agreements, A 972 grounds for divorce , A 972.1 irregular marriages, G 113 statutory provisions ceremony , A 903.1 impediments, A 905 objections, A 904 pre-conditions, A 903 void marriages duress, A 914 effect, A 912 lack of consent, A 914 mental illness, A 915–921 non-compliance with formalities, A 913 nonage, A 924 prior subsisting marriage, A 931 prohibited degrees, A 932 same-sex parties, A 925 transsexuals, A 926 voidable marriages, A 933–942 Matrimonial homes joint responsibilities, B 272 right-to-buy, B 570 Medical and allied professions See also British Medical Association; General Practitioners; National Health Service controlling bodies, E 51 Council ...

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