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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
P Parental responsibilities general principles, A 1213 local authorities, A 1315–1322 Partially sighted. See blind persons Partnerships equality considerations, A 1617 health care provision, D 135 ill-health court dissolution, A 1603–1604 express terms, A 1602 liabilities continuing obligations, A 1605–1611 following dissolution, A 1612–1614 joint and several liability, A 1606 limited liability partnerships, A 1616 permanent health insurance, A 1615 retirement age, A 1601 Peers, signatures, J 284 Pension credit assessed income period, G 215 calculation, G 203 capital resources, G 212 claims, G 215 generally, G 202–221 guarantee credit, G 203, 204 other benefits, G 505 hospital in-patients, G 404 introduction, G 202 other allowances, G 505 passport for benefits, G 504 premiums, G 206 prescribed additional amounts, G 206 residential care, G 405 savings credit, G 203, 205 Pensions documents, registration of death, J 25 extension of devolved powers, B 734 occupational schemes, H 33–34 personal pensions, H ...

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