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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
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July 2022
R Real burdens. See burdens Records. See also data protection adults at risk access to, E 822 co-operation and information sharing, E 863 adults with incapacity continuing powers of attorney, I 211, 214 financial management by care homes, I 405 intromissions with funds, I 312 health care. See also access to health records meaning, E 531 health records, E 112. See also access to health records welfare attorneys, E 714 Recovery of possession assured tenancies, B 332 local authority housing, B 415–417 Scottish secure tenancies, B 422 where application for assignation refused, B 422 Reduction judicial review, F 102 homelessness, B 864 social security benefits, appeal decisions, G 624 Redundancy alternative employment, A 1492 continuous employment, A 1411 defined, A 1491 payments, A 1493 retiring age, A 1493 statutory intervention powers, B 116 statutory presumption, A 1485 unfair dismissal, A 1481–1482 Registered social landlords ‘charitable registered housing associations’, B 117 ...

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