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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
S Safeguarders, I 124 Salaries. See remuneration Sale of goods, capacity to contract, A 301 Same-sex couples Means-tested benefits , G 201.1 nearest relatives, I 113 social security benefits, G 101 Scottish Charity Regulator address, K 9 Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care. See care inspectorate Scottish Health Advisory Service address, K 10 function, F 11 Scottish Health Technology Assessment Centre, F 13 Scottish Homes address, K 10 Scottish Law Commission address, K 10 breach of trust, H 312 requirements of writing, legibility of signatures, J 282 Trusts (Scotland) Bill, H 312 Scottish Ministers address, K 10 community care, commitments to older people, C 411 directions, F 23, 24 guidance to local authorities, F 22 to NHS trusts, F 25 housing role, B 725 inquiries, F 24 Scottish Multi-Centre Research Ethics Committee, E 411 Scottish Parliament, website, E 541 Scottish Public Services Ombudsman alternative legal remedies, F 45 complaint ...

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