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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
W Wages. See remuneration Wardens. See supported accommodation Warm Deal, B 271 Water and sewerage charges collection arrangements, B 703 housing benefit , G 233.4l local authority enquiries, B 216 Websites adults with incapacity, E 314, 722 Care Commission, C 43, 44 community care, C 355 Council of Europe , E 557.1 Department of Work and Pensions, G 701 DWP, G 701 General Medical Council, E 402 IRGROP, E 584 miscellaneous, K 12 Public Guardian, E 313 Scottish Parliament, E 541 Welfare attorneys certificates, E 313 code of practice, E 314, I 206 consent to medical treatment, E 323 duties, E 714, I 121 fees, E 313 persons who may be appointed, E 705 powers, E 713 registration, E 313, 703, 711, 712 revocation and resignation, E 715 statutory formalities, E 711 supervision, E 721 termination of appointment, E 720 timing of appointment, E 704 transitional provisions, I 214 decision ...

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