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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
F Facility and circumvention capacity, A 302 testamentary capacity, J 213–214, 215 Factoring services. B 226 , 229 new Code of Conduct B 229 proper appointment, B 227, B 229 Family arrangements, D 554 Family businesses capital gains tax, H 213 generally, H 205–213 inheritance tax, H 205 or cash gifts, H 212 Family homes. See homes Family life. See respect for family life Fatal accident inquiries, J 13 Fees employment tribunals , A 1414.1 Finance advice generally, H 1 older persons’ priorities, H 1 changes, H 2–5 tax considerations, H 11–12 bank accounts lack of capacity, A 305–315 National Savings Bank, A 315 children acceptance as child of family, A 1234 aliment, A 1241–1242 statutory provisions, A 1233 conflicts of interest, A 122–123 distinguishing factor of older people, A 3 divorce general rights and obligations, A 1115–1117 pensions, A 1131–1135 succession rights, A 1136 investments dividends, A 324 title, ...

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