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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
H Handrails, B 102 Harassment , A 1617, B 351 Health benefits, G 252 Health boards discharge from hospital cases involving mental illness, D 125 patients requiring clinical care, D 131 general responsibilities, D 105, D 133 provision of health services, D 101–2 unregistered care homes powers, I 413 responsibility for, I 401 Health care. See also general practitioners; Medical and allied professions; medical negligence breach of statutory duty, F 131 care home contracts, D 632 charging provisions free personal and nursing care, D 504 options, D 511 social care, D 505 complaints, F 32–33 confidentiality, E 501–503 end of life decisions, E 550–583 guidance, status, F 13 independent services NHS expenditure, E 3 standards, C 42 integration of health and social care services E 6 lead commissioning and partnerships, D 138 medical research, E 401–411 negligence, F 115 private provision, E 3 professional misconduct, F 62 records, E 112. ...

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