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Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

Author: Stephen Walker

ISBN: 9781780439938

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Edition: 1st

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

Concentrating on the market in England and Wales, but drawing on the experience of mediators who have successfully developed practices in other countries, Setting Up in Business as a Mediator is a practical guide to starting a mediation practice.

Aimed at all types of mediators, it explains the need for a clear plan and what that plan should include. Remembering that a mediation practice is a business, it demonstrates the need to know your product and market in order to generate business, through sales and marketing. It shows you how to build your profile, find a mentor, differentiate yourself from other mediators, and how much to charge.

Whilst the core of Setting Up in Business as a Mediator is civil and commercial mediation, it also draws on the experiences of those who have developed mediation practices in other areas such as family and workplace mediation.


“There is an amazing amount of distilled wisdome here...This book is exactly what I needed 15 years ago...anyone who is determined to become a successful mediator has all the guidance and all the tools needed...use it well, and things most certainly will happen. I heartily recommend it.” – Chris Makin, The Academy of Experts magazine

“Unique in being both really practical and truly inspirational, the book offers hope and guidance to mediators at every stage of their career, whilst giving a good idea of the time, money and effort involved if you are going to succeed.” – Rebecca Attree, Law Society Gazette

“...packed full of information and guidance as to the nuts and bolts of setting up a mediation business...a frank look at mediation principles and practice, now and in the future...a very useful guide for anyone considering beginning or improving a mediation business; it covers a range of business essentials in an engaging way, with a mediator's perspective throughout.” – Jane Fender-Allison, Civil Engineering Surveyor