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15.104: Corporation tax return

Feeney: The Taxation of Companies 2019

Michael Feeney
Bloomsbury Professional
23rd edition
Publication Date:
Law Stated At:
1 January 2019
Chapter 15: Self-Assessment and Administration 15.1: Self-Assessment 15.104.1: Obligation to make a return 15.104.2: Inspector, appropriate inspector, inspector of returns 15.104.3: Exclusion from tax return obligation 15.104.4: Notices to make returns 15.104.5: Foreign accounts/offshore funds 15.104.6: Contents of return for corporation tax purposes 15.104.7: “Full and true disclosure” 15.104.8: Expression of doubt 15.104.9: Partnership returns 15.104.10: Late return: surcharge and penalties ...

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