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The Media and Business Contracts Handbook

Authors: Deborah Fosbrook and Adrian C Laing

ISBN: 9781526515452

Edition: Sixth

Publication Date: 2020

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

The Media and Business Contracts Handbook

The Media and Business Contracts Handbook

Provides the tools for the user to construct a contract in a logical format and draft the terms in language that both parties can easily understand and put into practice and the accompanying digital download reduces administration time in the office.

The book has a number of functions:

  • 1.As a starting point and framework for an agreement.
  • 2.To compare and analyse other contracts you are working on.
  • 3.As a background guide and training tool.
  • 4.As a reference tool for websites and trade codes of practice.
  • 5.The commentaries can be read as guides to the intended aims of a specific contract.
  • 6.The checklist of clauses can be used to ensure you have covered important issues.
  • 7.To achieve a clearer understanding of a transaction.

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