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Trust Drafting and Precedents

Geoffrey Shindler OBE and Julie Bell
Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
June 2022
P Pensions schemes admitting new employers general principles D8.25 precedent for deed of adherence D8.26 amending powers general principles D8.23 precedent for deed of amendment D8.24 benefits D8.3 contracting-in D8.2 corporate changes deed of substitution of employer D8.28 general principles D8.27 death benefits definitive deed for life assurance D8.39 ‘expression of wishes’ form A3.19 general principles D8.38 letters of wishes A3.19 new pension freedoms A3.18 transfer of A1.18 , A3.18, A3.19 final salary schemes A1.20 higher earners FURBS definitive deed D8.37 Revenue Limits D8.36 legal structure D8.2 money purchase schemes A1.20 overlap with employment D8.5 precedent commentary D8.9 wide-ranging benefits D8.8 private trusts compared D8.4 protective trust provisions D5.1 recovery of excessive pension contributions F2.7 rights to benefits D8.7 SIPPs D8.40 tax approval D8.2 termination methods D8.30 private trusts compared D8.29 terminology trust ...

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