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Income tax

UK Tax Legislation: 2018

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Bloomsbury Professional
Bloomsbury Professional
2nd edition
Law Stated At:
15 March 2018
Taxes Management Act 1970 Part II: Returns of Income and Gains 7: Notice of liability to income tax and capital gains tax. 7A: Disregard of certain NRCGT gains for purposes of section 7 8: Personal return 8ZA: Interpretation of section 8(4A) 8A: Trustee's return. 8B: Withdrawal by HMRC of notice under section 8 or 8A 9: Returns to include self-assessment. 9ZA: Amendment of personal or trustee return by taxpayer 9ZB: Correction of personal or trustee return by Revenue 9A: Notice of enquiry 9B: Amendment of return by taxpayer during enquiry 9C: Amendment of self-assessment during enquiry to prevent loss of tax 9D: … ...

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