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VAT on Construction, Land and Property

Author: Martin Scammell

Publication Date: August 2021

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: July 2021

VAT on Construction, Land and Property

VAT on Construction, Land and Property

A detailed yet practical guide to VAT law and practice applying to construction, land and property matters in the UK and Isle of Man.

Widely recognised as the definitive guide to this complex subject, VAT on Construction, Land and Property is an essential reference work for advisers and businesses alike. Running to over 1000 pages, it deconstructs the most intricate rules, making them accessible for all while also providing reminders of the obscurer points which are useful for even the most dedicated specialist.

Drawing on the author's extensive experience, contacts and regular interaction with HMRC policymakers, this text offers insights that are not found anywhere else. Updated every two months, it not only provides critical analysis of the most recent developments but also anticipates future changes.

Detailed chapters cover major topics such as the option to tax, TOGCs and residential projects but even the most obscure provisions and reliefs are also addressed in this unique resource. More general aspects of the tax, such as time and place of supply, partial exemption and the capital goods scheme, and the disclosure rules for 'schemes' are closely examined from a real estate perspective.

This expert guide combines a breadth of materials in a way that other sources do not – commentary is interspersed with extracts from HMRC guidance, case law summaries and examples, providing even the most knowledgeable reader with reminders of exactly what HMRC said in 2005 or the name of that Latvian case from last year.

Material is generally retained until it is four years out of date (and consequently out of time for any assessment or back-claim) but a useful annex gives an historic overview for those who need it.

About the author

Martin Scammell is an independent VAT consultant who has specialised in property and construction matters for the last 30 years. He works with a number of law and accountancy firms, while his personal clients are mostly well-known companies and universities.

Martin started out in VAT policy in Customs & Excise, was a Partner at Ernst & Young where he headed up the VAT real estate group and then became Head of Indirect Tax at Eversheds.

He has been involved in the development of VAT legislation and policy over many years. He currently works with HMRC as technical secretary to the British Property Federation's VAT Committee, an adviser to the British Universities' Finance Directors' Group and a member of HMRC's Joint VAT Consultative Committee and VAT Land and Property Liaison Group. He regularly serves on working parties with HMRC and Treasury officials.

In 2012, Martin was winner in the 'Outstanding Contribution to Indirect Tax' category at the Indirect Tax Awards, sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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