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Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice

Author: Susan Singleton

ISBN: 9781526511874

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Edition: Fifth Edition

Publication Date: 2020

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Law As Stated At: 1 January 2020

Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice

Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice

Examines the standard commercial agency agreement where an agent is self-employed and paid a commission on sales he or she generates for the principal as it is those agents that fall within the Regulations. It addresses the drafting of such agreements as well as termination and compensation and includes examples of agency contracts and coverage of the majority of UK judgments.

The fifth edition has been updated to include:

Ramsay v Typhoo Tea 2016

Software Incubator 2016 and application of the agency regulations to agency contracts

Monk v Largo 2016 Invicta v International Brands 2013

Medsted Associates Ltd v Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Ltd (2019 Court of Appeal) relating to secret commissions and fiduciary duties of agents.

W Nagel (a Firm) v Pluczenik Diamond Company NV 2018 Court of Appeal - about "commodity exchanges" and the agency regulations

Agro Foreign Trade & Agency Ltd v Petersime NV (2017 CJEU) Choice of law issues - Belgium and Turkey.

One Money Mail Ltd. v (1) Ria Financial Services (2) Sebastian Wasilewski (Court of Appeal) - 2015 post termination restrictions on agents

Brand Studio Ltd. v St. John Knits, Inc 2015 ( indemnity and compensation clauses)

Bailey v Angove's Pty Limited [2016] Authority of agents to recover debts (Supreme Court decision)