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Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

Anne Fairpo and David Salter

Edition: 39th

Publication Date: November 2021

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Law As Stated At: 10 June 2021

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

This title has been used as a 'go to' reference source for undergraduate students on business and finance courses for the past sixteen years. Under the new general editors, Anne Fairpo and David Salter, the content is being refocussed to ensure it remains relevant to the student market.

The content provides readers with an understanding of the law relating to all areas of UK taxation with extensive cross references to HMRC guidance, tax legislation and relevant case summaries.

The content is structured to allow the reader to quickly find information on the area of tax that interests them, and includes chapters on the impact of EU law, and Human Rights and Taxation

The new edition has been updated in line with recent HMRC guidance, relevant case summaries and Finance Act 2021. Among the issues covered are the following:

  • Losses - new commentary reflecting the extension of the carry back period for one to three years for losses realised in 2021 and 2022 (para 12.42–12.60)
  • CGT and the main residence- commentary add to reflect Aqeela Hashmi v HMRC[2020] UKFTT 229 (para 25.23) and Phillips and Phillips v HMRC[2020] UKFTT 381 (para 25.61)
  • Europe -  Chapter 57 has been substantially updated to reflect the UK leaving the EU o 31 December 2020.
  • Uncertain tax treatment – some new commentary added to reflect new measures proposed by HMRC requiring large businesses (including companies, partnerships, and LLPs) to notify HMRC where the business believes that HMRC may not agree with the business’ interpretation of tax legislation, case law or guidance (para 5.33)