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Scottish Older Client Law Service

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Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
E EARS (Edinburgh Advocacy and Representation Service), K 5 Elderly. See older persons Elections. See voting Electro-convulsive therapy, E 344, 665 Electronic Powers of Attorney (EPOAR), I 202 Email registration of continuing powers of attorney, I 202 Emergencies adults at risk, E 836–837 detention of mental patients, E 632 medical treatment , E 304.1 Emigration, B 289 Employment care home liabilities, D 622 distinguishing factor of older people, A 4 employment support projects, C 35 salaries, preferred debts, J 545 welfare to work measures, G 223–231 Employment and support allowance alternative to SSP, A 1432 basic allowance , G 123.2 statutory provisions , G 123.1 support component , G 123.3 work-related component , G 123.3 Employment protection continuous employment, A 1411 contractual terms and conditions express, implied and incorporated terms, A 1413 statutory provisions, A 1412 disciplinary and grievance procedures, A 1443 discrimination age discrimination, A 1501–1506 disability discrimination, A ...

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