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Scottish Older Client Law Service

Multi Author
Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date:
July 2022
I Illegality, B 861 Illegitimacy, legal rights, J 135 Illiterates, notarial execution, J 293–294 Improvement grants applications, B 261 appropriate conditions , B 263.1 ‘approved expense s’ B 262 ‘eligible works’, B 257 eradication of sub-standard private housing, B 265 financial qualifications, B 258 further grants, B 264 statutory provisions, B 256 successive grants, B 259 time for payment, B 263 updated regime, B 260 Improvement notices, care homes, D 254, F 37 Incapacity. See also adults with incapacity; capacity causes, E 302 definition, E 312, 702, I 102 relativity, I 103, 105 medical treatment before 2000 Act, E 303 consent, E 301–305 Incapacity benefit amounts, G 122 generally, G 121 hospital in-patients, G 404 incapacity for work, meaning, G 121 long-term, G 502 transitional, G 114 rates, G 121 variation, G 123 widow/ers, G 123 Incidental investment business, I 13 Income bonds, H 12 Income support calculation, G 217 ...

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