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September 28, 2023

September Issue of Irish Civil Litigation Update: Agnieszka Zaganczyk v John Pettit Wexford Unlimited Company and C&M Delaney Limited

The September issue of Irish Civil Litigation Update is now live for subscribers to Irish Civil Litigation.

This month features the case of Agnieszka Zaganczyk v John Pettit Wexford Unlimited Company and C&M Delaney Limited. Andrew Clarke BL writes that this was an appeal from a High Court assessment of damages in a personal injuries matter to which the Judicial Council personal injuries guidelines applied. The plaintiff was awarded €90,000 in the High Court for general damages which was appealed by the defendant on the basis that the award was arrived at erroneously through a misinterpretation of the guidelines by the High Court.

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September 28, 2023

August Scots Law Update Now Available

The August issue of the Bloomsbury Scots Law Update is now available for subscribers. 

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