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July 13, 2018

Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017 is currently at the fourth stage in the Dáil.


Our Latest Publications

Lawyers Costs and Fees

Keith Biggs

A civil action is any legal action that is not a criminal action. Civil actions are between private individuals, unlike criminal actions which are between the crown and the accused. Examples of civil actions include contractual disputes, personal injury cases, industrial accidents, defamation cases and negligence claims. When the judgment in the case has been delivered, the judge must deal the cost of the case. This may include the fees of any lawyers, court fees paid by the parties fees of expert witnesses, allowances that may be allowed to litigants who have acts in person (without lawyers), earnings lost and travelling and other expenses incurred by the parties and their witnesses. Lawyers' Costs and Fees: Fees and Fixed Costs in Civil Actions lists the costs and fees attributable to civil actions within courts and tribunals. The fully revised and updated 25th edition covers: The Civil Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 effective from the 6 March, 2017.

A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016

Alison Harvey, Zoe Harper

A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016 is produced in association with ILPA and provides a clear and straightforward explanation to the provisions of this legislation, with relevant commentary following each section of the Act. Those litigating will be able to identify all relevant sources and materials rapidly. Practitioners from other areas of law affected by the provisions in the context of housing, social welfare and employment law will be able rapidly to navigate these complex provisions and to understand them. The UK Government stated that its purpose in bringing forward this legislation was to tackle illegal immigration by making it harder to live and work in the United Kingdom without permission. The Immigration Act 2016 not only makes changes to immigration law and practice but also extends immigration control into other areas such as housing, social welfare and employment to create the 'hostile environment' envisaged. The approach is to summarise each provision of the Act and to set it within both its political and legal context, providing full legal references as well identifying relevant guidance, supporting materials and statements from parliamentary debates. The aim of the publication is to provide practitioners and academic and political commentators with a comprehensive guide to the Act, the bulk of the work being comments on the legal provisions interleaved with each section of the Act.

Tax Planning for Family and Owner Managed Companies 2017/18

Peter Rayney FCA, CTA (Fellow), TEP

An invaluable source of money-saving guidance for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company. Widely recognised as the leading book on the subject, it examines a wide variety of tax planning matters from the viewpoint of the company, its working and nonworking shareholders, and its employees.

Partnership Taxation 2017/18

David Whiscombe CTA (Fellow)

A comprehensive guide to the law and practice relating to the taxation of partnerships in the UK. Includes numerous worked examples to illustrate the practical effects of the law and extensive cross-references to legislation and case law. Up-to-date to the Finance Act 2017 and the Finance (No. 2) Bill 2017.

Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

Anne Fairpo and David Salter

Provides invaluable analysis and a clear and detailed explanation of this area of law. Includes practical examples that enable the reader to proceed with absolute confidence through the complexities of this subject.

Guide to Taxpayers’ Rights and HMRC Powers

Robert Maas FCA, FTII, FIIT, TEP

Provides a thorough examination of the wide powers that HMRC possess and the limitations that apply to those powers. This handbook clearly explains the penalty regime for non-compliance and how to challenge HMRC if they threaten to penalise or charge interest on client tax returns.